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Preferred Warranties are available only through select dealers with proven track records for quality, dependable pre-owned vehicles. Philips Motor Co. is one of those exceptional dealerships to be named Preferred Warranties Certified Dealer:

To qualify for this prestigious honor, Philips had to pass Preferred Warranties’ most rigorous standards, have an established reputation for high a quality pre-owned vehicles and demonstrate the fine points of quality in customer service as well.

When you select a Preferred Warranties Certified Vehicle (available exclusively through our Certified Dealers), you’ll understand what makes this dealership exceptional. You’ll find:

The vehicle meets our certified age requirement, has been road tested, and has passed through a thorough, bumper-to-bumper inspection—inside and out.

  • The extended protection of a Preferred Warranty
  • Emergency Road Service coverage at no extra charge
  • Clean Vehicle history report

Contact the Philips Service Department for details on the variety of Preferred Warranties that may protect your vehicle and fit your driving needs.